The stay was very comfortable at your place with such a caring and well maintained and a decent staff. I very surely say that the italian food is simply marvellous at your place and we enjoyed a tonne even though we didn't have much of it. The pizza "FANTASY", and the other one of which i don't know the name were just great as i have never had such tasty pizzas in my life which was all because of alzira as she had specially gone to the kitchen for getting it prepared and also the spaghetti was also over the mark..Now, it seems as if whenever i feel like having a pizza, i will have to travel a long way there from baroda here instead of having in pizza hut or dominoz.   The indian food is also so sumptous that you will not think to  leave even a small piece of it in your plate.. For this, HATS OFF to yuor kitchen staff. Promising to meet in future to live more of life in LITTLE ITALY as its so quiet and pleasant and charming and adorable...Thanks a lot again to you both..
Mr Bhat,
31 st December 2012
We stayed for 4 nights at the little Italy resort in Goa in January 2012. It was lovely. We appreciated the quietness of the area, with easy access to the wonderful beach. The food was very tastefully prepared and served, and delicious. For me it was a wonderful break from Indian food. The staff were very helpful, particularly the servers at breakfast and dinner. It was a wonderful relaxing time after being so busy travelling. Pat and Syd , canada
Mr.& Mrs.Hartley,
07th March 2012
Dear Alzira and Swapnil,

A Happy New Year to you.

Both my wife and I spent many wonderful dinners/nights in Little Italy whilst we were in Goa.

The food was delicious, first class and 5* - Please kindly send our compliments to the Chef once again.

The service was equally as exceptional; we have never met such genuinely nice and friendly staff.

Thank you so much for helping to make our holiday experience so enjoyable and memorable. I would be grateful if you could pass on the attached pictures to Raju, Dinu, Sunny and Chandan as we promised to them.

All the best for 2012 and beyond,

Robin, 07th January 2012

LITTLE ITALY is  a piece of heaven on earth, wonderful staff and excellent service. The food is out of the earth. I am coming to this place ever time i come to goa. Cheers!!!

Mr.& Mrs.Martin,
10th December 2011
If anyone is looking to have a quite romantic dinner with their partner, this is the place in goa. I have been to many resturants  during my trip to goa, but this is byfar the best experience i had. Wish i could have stayed here, but they did not have any rooms avalaible for me. Good luck alzira & swapnil.
05th January 2011
It was great to meet you in person at Goa.Little Italy is very well maintained and a must place for veggie lovers.The food is great and my son Jashan liked the pizzas/pastas very much.Especially it was good to know that a Gujarati is running the show.Hope to meet you again when we are in Goa.We have completed the SCUBA - Open Water Diver Course and returned to Surat.We shall keep in touch. 
Mr. Nilesh Shah,
11th November 2010
Best Italian Resturant in Goa, loved the hospitality and specially the staff is excellent. I would recommend it each and every body who visits Goa, a beautiful open to the sky resturant, with a beautiful large pool and the sound of the waves from the sea which is just 30 seconds from the resturant. This is a must palce to visit in Goa.
Mrs. Jasmine De,
15th September 2010