Starters And More

Served from 1100 until 1800

French Fries                                                                                               

Cheese French Fries                                                                         

Potato Wedges                                                                                  

Aloo Tikki                                                                                         

Mini Samosa                                                                                                

Veg Sandwich                                                                                    

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich                                                                

Grilled Cheese Sandwich                                                                     

Paledi Potatoes                                                                                  

Potato strips seasoned with a magical spices and served with


Potato Skins                                                                                       

Loaded with Cheddar Cheese. Served with tomatoes sauce


Cheese balls stuffed with jalapenos, deep fried. Served with


Veg Pakoda                                                                                        

Mixed vegetables are dipped in spicy batter and deep fried to make fabulous



Breakfast Menu:


Eggs to order Served with Bread

Plain Omlette                                                                                     

Plain Omlette (With Egg White)                                                                  

Boiled Eggs                                                                                       

Fried Eggs                                                                                        

Scrambled Eggs                                                                                 

Cheese Omlette                                                                                

Masala Omlette                                                                                 

Masala Omlette with Cheese                                                              

Mushroom Omlette                                                                                      

Cheese Mushroom Omlette                                                                

Porched Eggs                                                                                     

Bread Butter                                                                                     

Bread Jam                                                                                         

Bread Butter and Jam                                                                        

Bread Butter Cheese                                                                         

Veg Sandwich                                                                                    

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich                                                                

Grilled Cheese Sandwich                                                                    

Plain Toast                                                                                        


Indian Breakfast



Puri Bhaji                                                                                          

Alu Paratha                                                                                       


Corn Flakes

Milk and Corn Flakes                                                                                   

Mixed Fruit Platter                                                                           

Mixed Fruit Platter with Ice Cream                                                                                                                                         


Hot & Cold Beverages

Black Tea                                                                                          

Black Coffee                                                                                     

Milk Tea                                                                                            

Milk Coffee                                                                                       

Masala Tea                                                                                        

Lemon Tea                                                                                         

Mint Tea                                                                                           

Espresso (Lavazza)                                                                                     


Cold Coffee                                                                                       

Cold Coffee with Ice cream                                                               

Vanilla Milk Shake                                                                              

Strawberry Milkshake                                                                       

Chocolate Milk Shake                                                                         

Fresh Sweet Lime Juice                                                                    

Fresh Water Melon Juice                                                                            

Fresh Orange Juice                                                                           

Fresh Pineapple Juice                                                                        

Mineral Water                                                                                  

Aerated Drinks                                                                                 

Aerated Drinks (Diet)                                                                       

Ice Tea (Lemon/Peach)                                                                      

Red Bull                                                                                                                                   



Kingfisher Ultra (Pint)                                                                       

Kingfisher (Pint)                                                            

Touborg (Pint)                                                               


Bacardi Breezer                                                             



Mineral Water                                                                                  

Aerated Drinks                                                                                 

Aerated Water                                                                                 

Aerated Drinks (Diet)                                                                       

Ice Tea (Lemon/Peach)                                                                      

Red Bull                                                                                                      

Fresh Lime (Soda/Water)                                                                  

Fruit Juice (Can)                                                                               

Tonic Water                                                                                               





Black and White                                                             




Royal Challenge                                                               

Royal Stag                                                                      



Honey Bee                                                                      





Black Vodka                                                                    


Gin (Imported)

Befeater London Dry                                                      


Gin (Regular)

Blue Ribbon Gin                                                              


Rum (White)

Malibu Rum                                                                     


Rum (Dark)

Bacardi Reserva                                                              

Old Monk                                                                       



Port Wine                                                 

San Andre                                                                                         

House Wine White                                                         

House Wine Red                                                             


Indian Red Wine

Cabernet Syrah                                                              

La Reserve                                                                     

Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine                                                                                                  


Indian White Wine

Chenin Blanc                                                                   

Sauvignon Blanc                                                              

Viognier Clairette                                                                    


Indian Rose Wine

Shiraz Rose Wine                                                           


Indian Sparkling Wine

Marquice De Pompadour                                                                     

Joie Sula



Wine Cocktails


(White Wine, Galliano, Cointtreau, Vodka and Lemon Juice)


White Wine, Rose Vermouth and Drops of Lemon Juice)


(Campari, Cinzano, Rosso, Gin, Soda Water)

Life Patner

(White Wine and Lemonade)

Hilaey Wallbanger

(White Wine, Brandy, Lemon Juice

Sangria (Cold)                                                           

(Red Wine, Brandy, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Top of Lemonade)                

Harvey Wallbanger                                                     

(Gallinao, Vodka, Cointreau, White Wine, Orange Juice)


Regular Cocktails

Screw Driver

(Smirnoff Vodka, Orange Juice with Lemon)                                                          


Black Russian                                                                                     

(Coffee Liquor, Vodka with Cold Cola)

Tom Collin                                                                                          

 (Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup and Soda Water)                     


Deep Blue Sea                                                                                   

(Gin, Orange Liquor, Orange Juice and Blue Curacao)                                    


Strawberry Daiquiri                                                                          

(White Rum, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup and Strawberry Crush) 


Lemon Daiquiri                                                                                   

(White Rum, Lemon Juice and Sugar Syrup)                     


Side Car                                                                                            

(Orange Liquor, Brandy, Lemon Juice and Crushed Ice)


Cuba Libra                                                                                        

(Dark Rum, Lemon Juice and Cold Cola)



(Dark Rum, White Rum, Pineapple Juice and Sugar Syrup)


7 & 7                                                                                                

(Whisky, 7up, Dash of Lemon and Loads of Ice)


Beer Magarita                                                                                   

(Beer, Tequilla, Dash of Lime and Ice)


Panache Strawberry                                                                          

(Beer, Strawberry Syrup, Dash of Lime and Ice)



 Premium Cocktails


(Tequila with Cointreau and Splash of Lemon)


Martini Dry                                                                                       

(London Dry Beefeater, White Vermouth served with Green Olives)



(Baileys, Vodka, Kahlua, Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Scope)                  


Bloody Mary                                                                                       

(Smirnoff Vodka, Tomato Juice seasoned with Tabasco,

 Worcestershire Sauce and Lemon)


Pina Colada                                                                                        

(A Blend of Malibu Coco and Barcardi Reserva with Pineapple Juice and Coconut Cream)


 Planters Punch                                                                                  

(Bacardi Rum, Cointreau, Cherry Brandy, Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice and Dark Rum)


Singapore Sling                                                                                 

(London Dry Beefeater, Cherry Brandy, Lemon Juice and Soda)


Tequilla Sunrise                                                                                 

(Tequilla, Orange Juice and Grenadine)


Long Island Ice Tea                                                                           

(Smirnoff Vodka, London Dry, Tequilla, Bacardi Rum, Cointreau,

 Lemon Juice and Cold Cola)



(Vodka, Mint, Lime, Brown Sugar and Crushed Ice)


Irish Coffee                                                                                     

(Irish Whisky, Black Coffee and Topped with Fresh Cream)


Archers Envy                                                                                    

(Vodka, Peach Schnaps, Kiwi, Crushed Ice)


Sex on the Beach                                                                               

(Vodka, Peach, Cranberry, Orange Juice and Sour)




(White Rum, Mint, Lime, Brown Sugar and Crushed Ice)


Pink Pussy Cat                                                                                   

(Vodka, Strawberry and Sour)


Green Land                                                                                        

(Vodka, Kiwi and Sour)



Fruit Punch                                                                                        

(Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Rose Syrup and Vanilla)


V S Colada                                                                                         

(Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream, Fresh Cream and Strawberry Crush)



(Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup and Soda Water)


Red Light                                                                                          

(Grape Juice, Strawberry Crush with Lemon Juice)


Virgin Bloody Mary                                                                             

(Tomato Juice seasoned with Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce and

Lemon Juice)


Honey Moon                              &

 Antipasti – Starters 

A.1Crostini Della Casa

(Assorted sliced farmer’s bread, grilled and topped with

Sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, basil garlic & Italian aubergines)

A.2  Crostini Rustici

(Sliced farmers bread grilled &topped with artichokes,

Mozzarella, olives capers &fresh tomato sauce)

A.3 Crostini Alla Ragusana

(Sliced farmer’s bread, grilled &topped with artichokes, olives, capers, egg, mayonnaise, pesto, & fresh chopped tomatoes)

A.4 Bruschetta

(Sliced farmer’s bread grilled &topped with garlic, freshly chopped tomatoes, olive oil and oregano)

A.5 Garlic Bread

(Farmer’s bread baked with garlic &butter, served warm)

A.6 Funghi Trifolati

(Fresh mushrooms sautéed with Italian herbs &garlic, Served with Garlic brad)

A.7 Caprese

(Sliced of mozzarella cheese &fresh tomatoes sprinkled with basil, oregano & olive oil, served with warm farmer’s bread)

A.8 Pepperoni Arrosto

(Italian capsicum (red &yellow) with olive oil, garlic, Capers & parsley, served with warm farmer’s bread)

A.9 Melanzane Arrosto

(Roasted aubergines dressed with olive oil & chopped garlic, Mint, capers & olives, served with warm farmer’s bread)

A.10 Funghi alla Trapanese

(Roasted mushrooms with garlic, lemon, parsley &olive oil Served with warm farmer’s bread)

A.11 Antipasto del Conte di Villalba

(A traditional sicilion of sun dried tomatoes, olives, capers, Artichokes pickled onions, mushrooms & mixed vegetables in olive Oil, served with warm farmer’s bread)

A.12 Cream di avocado

(A puree of avocado with tomato, onion, garlic & lemon & Served with warm Farmer’s bread)

A.15 Asparagi Freshi

(Asparagus boiled and served with parmesan cheese & butter or with extra virgin olive oil, salt lemon, pepper)

A.20 Patate Taormina

(Boiled potato tossed in creamy ricotta cheese, spring Onions, garlic, parsley & black pepper)

A.21 Special Crostini

(Special farmer’s bread grilled & topped with exotic vegetables Red and Yellow capsicum, sundry-tomatoes, roasted aubergine & cheese.)

A.24 Spinaci Salsa

 (Creamy spinach sauce with thin crispy toast)



(All our salads are with warm farmer’s Bread)

D.1 Pomodoro

(Fresh tomatoes, Onion, basil, Oregano, & extra virgin olive oil)

D.2 Insaslata Mista

(Fresh tomatoes,cucumber, ice berg, organo, mozzarella, cheese, olives, extra virgin olive oil)

D.4 Contadina

(Sun dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, fresh tomatoes, onion & Green beans served with extra virgin olive oil)

D.5 Caesar Salad

(Tender lettuce leaves mixed with special dressed & oven roasted croutons, garnished with black olives & parmesan shavings.)

D.6 Insalata Dello Chef

(Julienne of salad with mayonnaise, artichokes, olives, Capers & olive oil)

D.7 Insalata di avocado

(Avocado, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil And balsamic vinegar)

D.8 4 Stagioni

(tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and spring onion with an Italian wine, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing)

D.11 Corleone

(Mixed salad with lettuce corn Italian pickled onions potatoes, sun-Dried tomatoes capers in extra virgin olive oil & balsamin vinegar

D.13 Insalata Di Montiiblei

(Fresh tomatoes, ricotta cheese, green beans, spring onions, basil Sun-dried tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar

D.15 Insalata Di Montiiblei

(Fresh rucola, iceberg lettuce, lime, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & shaving of parmesan cheese)

D.16 Insalata Gennarino

(Lettuce, olives, garlic, red & yellow capsicum, capers, Mozzarella & tomatoes. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing)

D.17 Insalata Gladiatore

(Steamed broccoli, rucola lettuce, freshly sliced apple shaving of parmesan cheese with an extra virgin olive oil, balsamin vinegar & rum dressing)

D.18 Insalata Olimpo

(Yellow capsicum, babycorn, icebergs, salad, oregano, extra olive oil and balsamic vinegar)

D.19 Insalata Di Zeus

(Artichokes, red capsicum, black olive, icebergs, salad, orengano, balsamic vinegar and extra olive oil)




(Fresh tomato sauce, garlic, oil, oregano)(Cheese on request extra.

P-2 Om

(Fresh tomato sauce & Mozzarella)

P-3 Bellassai

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella &onion)

P4 Foccaccia

(Plain pizza, oil, rosemary, salt)

P-5 Ultimate

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, green peas, mushrooms, capsicum, aubergine, onion)

P-6 Freestate

(Mozzarella, Gouda, cheddar, Miraj cheese &olives)

(*Tomato sauce on request)

P-7 Nirvana

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms)

P-8 Goa

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, capsicum)

P-9 Sufi

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, aubergine)

P-10 Exotic

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion, mushrooms, pineapple)

P-11 Mediterranean

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, imported olives, artichokes, oregano)

P-12  Zen

(Fresh tomato sauce, capsicum, garlic, oil, olives, oregano)

*Cheese on request)

P-13 Ortolana

(Fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms, mushrooms, asparagus)

P-14 Zorba

(Fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms, garlic, oil, imported olives)

*Cheese on request)

P-16 Margherita

(Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, sliced tomato, basil)

P-17 Fantasy

(Spicy tomato sauce with Italian herbs, onion, capsicum, cottage cheese, coriander, mozzarella)

P-18 Bombay

(Spicy tomato sauce, onion, capsicum, mozzarella, cottage cheese, coriander)

P-19 Nawabi

(Spicy tomato sauce with Italian herbs, corn, capsicum, tomato slice, mozzarella)

P-20 Manali

(Spicy tomato sauce with Italian herbs mushrooms, onion, mozzarella, olives, onion, corn)

P-21 Indian

(Spicy tomato sauce, onion, capsicum, cheese, onion, capsicum)

P-22 Calzone al forno

(Closed pizza stuffed with tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichokes, mushrooms, organo, olives)

P-24 Rustic

(Spicy tomato sauce with Italian herbs , cheese, onion, spinach, garlic )

P-25 Tre pepperoni

(Spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, imported red & yellow capsicum & olives)

P-26 Tobasco

(Spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, Jalapeno pepper, Sun- Dried tomato & tobasco)

P-27 Sicillia

(A thick base pizza with fresh tomato, sauce mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic, pickled, onions sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. All marinated in a chilly sauce)

P-28 Sicilia

(A thick base pizza with fresh tomato, sauce mozzarella, tempeh mushrooms, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese)

P-29 Pesto Pizza

(Pesto sauce, potatoes, garlic and cheese)

P-30 Pizza Alta Vodka

(Fresh tomatoes sauce with mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, jalapeno pepper, red pepper, capers, pineapple and vodka)

P-31 Pizza Alla Rucola

(Fresh tomato sauce. Mozzarella, fresh rucola & shaving of parmesan cheese)

P-32 Pizza Mellino

(Fresh tomato sauce. Mozzarella, cheese, spinch, sundried tomatoes, black olive, green olive, picked onion & rosted red & yellow capsicum)

P-33 Pizza totto

(Tomato sauce. Mozzarella cheese, tobacco sance, Jalapeno, sundried tomato, capsicum, Mushroom)

P-34 Pizza Parigi

(onion, Tomato souce mozzarella, onion, capsicum, sundried tomato jalapeno, marinated with chilly oil)

P-35 Pizza Napoli

(Fresh tomato sauce mozzarella , Onion, capsicum, & sundried tomato, jalapeno, marinated with chilly oil)

*Wheat Base Pizza Available (on request)



*Cheese                                                                         *Jalapeno

*Vegetables                                                                   *Mushrooms

*Artichokes                                                                    *Garlic oil

*Olives (4)                                                                       * Olive oil

* Capers                                                                           *Parmesan Grated

* Jalapeno                                                                        * Parmesan Grated

* Tomato Sause                                                               * Parmesan Cubes




C-1 Cannellonl alla Florentina

(A Traditional dish from Florence, tubes of home made pasta filled with Ricotta, cheese, spinach, mozzarella & tomato sauce baked in the oven)

C-2 Lasagne alla Nepoletana

(Layers of home made pasta, béchamel sauce, tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella, & ricotta Cheese mushrooms aubergine, baked in the oven)

C-3 Lasagne alla Gypsy

(Layers of home made pasta, béchamel sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella, pecorino cheese mushrooms aubergine, baked in the oven)

 C-4 Risotto Funghi r zafferano

(A traditional Italian rice dish with brown rice, tomato sauce,green peas & mozzarella))

C-5 Risotto Funghi e zafferano

(Brown rice dish with mushrooms  & delicately flavoured with saffron, cream & Parmesan Cheese)

C-16 Risotto 4 Formaggi

(Special type of brown rice served with asparagus melted in white wine &parmesan cheese)

C-17 Risotto Con Asparagi

(Special type of brown rice served with asparagus melted in white wine &parmesan cheese)

C-18 Risotto Della Nonna Adelina

(Special type of brown rice in sauce with butter, onion, red capsicum, vodka, cream. Parmesan cheese)

C-19 Risotto Al Funghi Porcine

(Creamy  brown rice with imported porcine mushrooms cream & parmesan cheese)

C-25 Lasagne Alla Verdurea

 (Layer of home made pasta with béchamel sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, capsicum, broccoli, carrots, green beans, baked in the oven)



TAGLIATELLE           SPAGHETTI    PENNE            FUSILLI                      GNOCCHI       RAVIOLI

B-1 Pummarola

(Fresh Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil)

B-2 Agilo Olio e peperoncino

(Simple classic sauce with garlic, olive oil chilly & parsley)

B-5 All Arrabbiata

(Fresh tomato sauce, garlic, chilly & parsley)

B-6  Alla Carbonara

(Rich cream, eggs and Soya mince)

B-7 Al Pesto Genovese

(Fresh Basil crushed with pine nut’s  garlic, olive oil & cheese)

B-9 Al 4 Formaggi

(A combination of blue cheese, mozzarella, gouda cheese,& Parmesan) (Fresh tomato sauce on request)

B-10 Pasto al Forno (Backed in the oven)

(Creamy béchamel sauce mushrooms & fresh tomato sauce)

B-11 Puttanesca

(Tradiotional Italian tomato sauce, olives capers, parsly, basil & chilly)

B-12 Della casa

(Imported sun dried tomato, olive oil, garlic & fresh basil)

B-13 Al Funghi porcini

(A classic tomato sauce with special Italian mushrooms and cheese in white wine)

B-14 Panna e Noci

(Delicious walnut cream sauce)

B-16 Sicilian

(Classic  Sicilion tomato sauce, mozzarella, aubergine & parsley)

B-17 Alla Zingara

(Aubergine, capsicum, olives with cheese in a classic tomato sauce)

All our pastas are toped with parmesan cheese 

B-18 Matriciana

(Tomato Sauce, soya mince, cheese onion, chilly & basil)

B-19 Primavera

(Red & yellow capsicum, olives, capers, parsley, sun-dried tomato, garlic and olive oil)

B-20 Tris

(Three different type of pasta sauce of chef’s choice)

(Minimum order: 2 Portion)

B-25 Pasta al sole di sicilia

(A warm pasta dish with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, garlic, capers, olives  & Parmesan cheese)

B-26 Pasta alla Bakunin

(Fresh mushrooms, garlic, parsley & capers in a red wine & tomato sauce, served with your choice of pasta)

B-27 Paste 4 stagioni

(A creamy tomato sauce with garlic. Carrots cauliflower, capers, olives & sun-dried Tomatoes served with your choice of pasta)

B-28 Alla Firritiana

(A classic combination of cheese & spinach sauce)

B-29 Pasta Del Barone

(A classic sauce with béchamel, tomato sauce, parsley red chilly & parmesan cheese)

B-30 Tortellini Del Casale

(Home made pasta stuffed with mushrooms in a traditional tomato sauce with garlic, cheese and sun dried tomatoes)

B-31 Tortelline De Zia Cuncetta

(Home made pasta stuffed with mushrooms in a cheese sauce with zucchini, mint and garlic)

B-35 Pasta Barbaresca

(A creamy tomato sauce with fresh broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, sundried tomatoes, Temphe, parmesan cheese and chilly pepper)

B-37 Pasta Don Vito

(Fresh organic broccoli, Gorgohzola Cheese, Fresh Chopped tomatoes & garlic)

All our pastas are toped with parmesan cheese

B-38 Pasta Donatella

(Fresh Chopped tomatoes, Gorgonzola, cheese and Chilly)

B-39 Pasta Del Fattore

(Tomatoes, onion, garlic, capsicum, capers, olives, parsley, and mushrooms)

B-40 Pasta Alla Ricotta

(Pasta served with ricotta cheese, Tomatoes sauce and Italian Herbs)

*Wheat pasta available (on request)       


C-6 Melanzane alla Parmigiana

(Layers of sliced aubergines, fresh basil, mozzarella & tomato sauce, Sprinkled with Parmesan cheese & backed in the oven)

C-7 Crocchette  Patate e Funghi

(Mashed potato mixed with mushrooms & parsley rolled in home – made breadcrumbs & deep-fried. Served with green salad & mayonnaise)

C-8 Crocchette Spinaci e Ricotta

(Mashed potato mashed with spinach & ricotta cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs & Deep fried served with fresh green salad & mayonnaise)

C-9 Crocchette ai Formaggi

(Mashed potato mixed with mozzarella, gauda, parmesan cheese rolled in bread crumbs & Deep fried, served with fresh green salad & mayonnaise)

C-11 Cavolfiori al Forno

(Fresh cauliflower bached in the oven with a béchamel sauce, fresh basil, olives and Parmesan cheese)

C-12 Crespelle

(Savory pancakes stuffed with mushrooms & cheese in a béchamel sauce  served with Warm farnmer’s bread)

C-13 Gnocco

(Home made pasta stuffed with three type of cheese, spinach, Italian herbs & tomato sauce Sprinkled with Parmesan)

C-14 Mozzarella in Carrozza

(Meled mozzarella enveloped in crispy slice of farmer’s bread  & served with fresh green salad)

C-15 Funnghi alla Plzzaiola

(Fresh mushrooms satued with fresh tomato sauce, oregano, & olives, served with warm Farmer’s bread)

C-20 Asparagi Fulminati

(Fresh asparagus marinated in tomato sauce with pepper cheese, mushrooms and Shavings of parmesan cheese served with bread)

C-21 Spuma

(Smashed Potatoes and Italian herbs bached with Mozzarolla cheese and parmesan cheese)


E-1 Tiramisu

(A home made Italian classic sponge cake soaked in rum and coffee with a vanilla cream custard, sprinkled with chocolate powder and served cold)

E-2 Cream Caramel

(A cream pudding with caramel)

E-4 Choco Walnut Fudge with vanilla Ice cream

E-5 Sizzling Chocolate Walnut brownie served with vanilla ice cream

E-6 Panna cotta

(A creamy pudding served with fruit siryp)

E-11- Chocolate Bomb

(Muddy malted fantasy chocolate served with vanilla ice cream)



G-1 Gelato al mango fragile

(Mango and strawberry ice cream)

G-2 Gelato al cloccolato e vanigilia

(Chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce)

G-3 Gelato al coffee E Sambuca

(Coffee ice-cream with sambuca liquor)

G-4 Gelato al rum punch e arancia

(Rum punch ice-cream with orange sorbet)

G-5 Gellato alla banana caramel r rum

(Banana caramel ice-cream with rum liquor)

G-6 Gellato alla Vaniglia E Toffe

(Vanilla and English toffee ice-cream)

G-8  Gelato alla Fragola E Cioccolato

(Strawberry & Chocolate ice-cream topped with fruits of the forest nectar)

G-9 Gelato alla Vaniglia E Butterscotch

(Vanilla & Butter scotch ic-creams)

G-10 Gelato al caff’e mandorie

(Coffee ice-cream with almonds)

G-11 Granita di limone

(A traditional Sicilian lemon sorbet with lemon liquore)

G-13 Gelato al Mango e Martinl

(Mango ice-cream with martini)

G-14 Gelato al caffe e cioccolato

(Coffee and chocolate ice-cream)

G-15 Gelato Fragole e panna

(Strawberry ice-cream)